Tracking habits consistently & sustainably

Well hello again! Did you see my last post that laid the foundation for setting up habits? If you missed it, you can read it here.

That post laid the foundation of easing into one or two habits at a time and keeping those habits simple so that you’re teaching your body and brain that you can do this habit and that you can be successful at reaching your goals! 

Track it…track it good!!! 

(That was my nod to “Whip it” by Devo. Watch it on YouTube here. This song is not from my day but it’s one of those weird songs that you just know for some reason. And can I just say…what is even going on in this music video and why with the hats?!!!

This time we’re going to talk about tracking your goals!!! As I said before, I’m a researching nerd…or researching queen depending on what you decide to call yourself;) So I have looked fairly extensively into some different options and this is what I have come up with…

Bullet journaling

Apparently people love bullet journaling because I have seen so many different variations on bullet journals but the gist is that it’s kind of like a to-do list/journal/habit tracker all-in-one. You can basically combine all of the different types of journals and habit trackers into one place. What I don’t personally like about some bullet journals is that you have to draw out the habit tracking charts and stuff on your own. If I’m being honest, I want it all laid out for me and then I want to be able to just follow it or modify a tradition tracker into what I want it to be. The topic of bullet journaling can get too detailed even for a researching queen like myself. Do a Google search or a search on Pinterest for bullet journaling and there are so many interesting ways that people have decided that they wanted to bullet journal. 

I found this bullet journal app called Elisi where you can set up a planner with different tabs. So there is a tab for Notes, Planner, Lists, Habits, and Expenses. I have been using different apps to track all of these things differently so this app is lovely and customizable and can track all of the things. There’s a free version and a version where you can pay more and get more features. The free version has been enough for me so far. Check out the app here.

For me, this app is the perfect combination of structure-done-for-you and having the ability to customize it to what you want. I also really like that you can use the app on a laptop and on your phone. I have gone back and forth between using it on my laptop and phone so it’s perfect for me. 

Paper versions of planners/habit trackers/gratitude journals 

Ok. This is the planner that I really like. I love when planners have ways to check in with yourself with your goals for the year/month/week/day. This planner helps you to look back at how everything went after you set your goals and to say what you think went well and what you think you can improve for the following week or month. It also has boxes for habit tracking every week if you want to keep track that way. Everyone has different things that they want in a planner, but this is a great one if you want to get your tracking party started!!! You can get this planner here on Amazon.

This is a cute and simple gratitude journal if you want a separate place from your daily planner to include a daily gratitude practice. Having a daily practice of gratitude is supposed to help make you happier and more thankful! Get it on Amazon here.

There are so many amazing paper habit trackers. You can go to Pinterest and do a search for habit tracker and just print off one you see there. Etsy always has great downloadable files too, but you do have to pay a bit for those. You can normally find something in any price range. No matter which way you want to track your habits…you’re covered. 

What have you found that works well for you? Comment below and tell me what helps you to track your habits and SUSTAIN those habits? 

Ps…I get compensated a little bit if you click on the links to Amazon. Do you like what you’re reading? That you can help me pay for some of the blogging costs I’ve had so far just by buying it through the link. I don’t get anything for the link to Elisi app or the YouTube link…those are just to be helpful for you and for your viewing pleasure in the case of the YouTube video;)

2 responses to “Tracking habits consistently & sustainably”

  1. Megan I loved reading about all the different ways to track your goals. My favorite is the paper version with a gratitude section. I like having a place to write my day to day goals and then I like a open area to write a monthly goal/ something that I am grateful for this month. This way when I look back I tend to look back mainly at those larger goals to track how far I made progress.
    So informative, and very interesting and fun too, especially with the song you mentioned above. Thank so much and can’t wait to read more.

    • Thanks, Dani! I always love hearing from you! Thank you for the encouragement and telling me about your habit tracking methods! I feel like we all can learn so much from each other if we share our tips and tricks!

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