Must Have Back-To-School Essentials Guide!

Backpack with lunch box

This is the exact backpack and lunchbox that I got for my son. He has already used all of the different parts and they’re great quality! The backpack has lots of different pockets to store different things and lots of space. I like to lunchbox and the pencil bag too. Great bang for your buck!


We have used these lunch boxes for several years now. I use one to bring lunch to work too. You can freeze them and then they can keep your lunch cold until you have lunch. A great idea and good quality lunch boxes too!

Bentgo lunchbox

I also like these lunchboxes and have used them for myself and the kids. It’s cool that they stack so it takes up less room, but still holds plenty of food. They also come with reusable silverware. It’s all ***dishwasher safe***!!!

Stasher bags

These will forever be my very favorite lunchbox invention!!! They are reusable bags that are very sturdy, ***dishwasher safe*** and they help reduce waste of plastic bags. They are so great and I so them ALL THE TIME!!!

Water bottles

I’m particular about water bottles and these are great ones! They don’t leak. They’re very sturdy and more importantly ***diswasher safe***!!!!!

Durable labels for kids’ gear

Umm….you’re welcome! This will be your best friend when coats, snowpants, winter boots, mittens, sweatshirts…all the things…get mixed up. Label everything! These are machine washable and durable so you don’t have to keep labeling things.

Cute face masks for kids

These face masks have great reviews and are secure and for a variety of ages. I got them for my son who will be in kindergarten this year. They come in lots of different prints for boys or girls. Order soon to get it in time for school to start!

Kids’ table for everything!

This table is SO cute and has great reviews. I’m so excited for my daughter to see it and have it next to her play kitchen. We will also use it as our new craft table. No more crazy messes on our dining room table!!! It will also be a place that my son could do his homework or if we want a kid’s table at a party. Multitasking table for the win!

Bamboo Height Adjustable Kids Desk and Chair Set

This desk is so cool that it is adjustable so it can grow with your child! Bamboo is also an eco-friendly material so that’s a win for the earth too!

Floating desk

This is a great option if you don’t want the desk to take up so much space in a bedroom or living room space. This has great reviews. It still has good storage and work space but doesn’t use up that prime floor real estate.


Light up tennis shoes

Who doesn’t love a good light up gym shoe? I got these for my son and they are cute and comfortable. He thinks they’re awesome. Boy version link HERE. Girl version link HERE.

Kid Academic Planner

Adult Academic Planner

This is my favorite paper planner! So many ways to help you plan out your life and help you to reach your goals!!! This is for older kids or grownups.

Monthly Magnetic Fridge Calendar

Weekly Magnetic Fridge Calendar

I got this weekly calendar and I LOVE it!!! My husband really likes that he actually understands on a daily basis what’s going on outside of the Google Calendar. It’s helpful to have a tangible calendar for the week. Plus, I’m going to try to use it to great a meal plan and put the dinner menus on it. This is a must if you ask me! The markers are really nice and are magnetic and the eraser is also magnetic so it can stay next to the calendar on the fridge.

*Amazon compensates me a little bit if you purchase any of these products through my link. If you’re going to buy it anyways, I would love the support through these links:)

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