The power of silence as a mom and in life as a whole

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I have been feeling a bit off the last few days. My body might be fighting something off right now or I’m just overtired from everything going on. Can you relate? Do you ever just sit there when you feel like you SHOULD be doing a million things, but your body literally just won’t comply? That is how I feel today. I don’t feel mad, sad or any negative emotion. Just tired.

Being a mom and having demands from kids, husband, family, friends, work, housework, taking care of my own body, my own internal pressures of what I THINK I should be accomplishing, etc. It’s a lot to keep track of. I just want to stop and be quiet and calm for awhile. I need to recharge and do things not because I think I SHOULD, but stop and listen to my body and do what I WANT to do.

I just got my gym membership back again yesterday. I worked out yesterday and it felt great. Today not so much. Sometimes it’s ok to simply listen to your body and stop. Sometimes your body has had enough rest though and what you really need is a kick in the butt and to get yourself to the gym or outside for a walk or whatever. Today I’m ok with needing some peace and quiet.

I literally laid down on the floor this morning and just listened to worship music for awhile. My kids are so loud and they talk so much. Sometimes it’s wonderful to quiet yourself in THE PRESENT and bliss in the silence and bliss in the rare moment where no one is demanding your time, attention, help or anything. In these moments, I can just be me. I’m not functioning as a mom, wife, employee, driver extraordinaire to all of their activities or anything else. I’m just me.

These moments remind me of Psalm 46:10 (NIV) when God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” We can make faith so complicated but oftentimes it’s in the simple moments when we’re still that we can connected with God and experience His presence with us.

The silence today felt like a gift from God in the midst of so much noise and activity. It’s in the quiet that I remember that my worth isn’t found in activities or how much I have accomplished in the day. My worth is securely and definitively found in Jesus. Titus 3:5 (ERV) says, “He saved us because of his mercy, not because of any good things we did. He saved us through the washing that made us new people. He saved us by making us new through the Holy Spirit.”

Praise God that our worth isn’t found in anything that we do or accomplish. We are declared forgiven and worthy because Jesus died on the cross to forgive us from the wrong things that we do. He also helps to make us into better versions of ourselves when we love him and follow him and do what the Bible says. He helps us to be more kind, loving, generous, and to help and serve other people. Our worth has everything to do with God’s forgiveness and his goodness, and nothing to do with anything that we can achieve. Life isn’t about me. The point of life is that it’s all about God. Even though life isn’t about us, God still loves us so much and cares about us. He still wants us to find meaning in our lives and he wants to fill our lives with joy, life, peace and hope. He is loving and still thinks about us even though it still is all about him. He is so good!

No matter how you are feeling today, try to take even a few minutes to stop in the present moment and to be quiet. You can think about God’s love and forgiveness and remember that your worth isn’t about anything that you do or accomplish. You can rest in Jesus and trust in the forgiveness that he earned on the cross and freely gives to us. You can rest in the fact that life isn’t about you. That’s a relief to me! I can stop putting pressure on myself and instead focus on Jesus who is the point of life itself. He is worthy of that role as the center of my life and the center of my focus. He created the world so doesn’t it just make sense to give him control over your own life too?

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