Gratefulness in the New Year

Just like any other year, 2021 was amazing & fun, but also sometimes sad, difficult & frustrating. Life isn’t just good or bad. It is complex & difficult, but also beautiful. I’m thankful for another year of life with my funny, silly, sassy, strong-willed & sometimes difficult children. I wouldn’t trade being their mom for anything. Being a mom is simultaneously the best & the most difficult & challenging thing that I have done in my life. I’m thankful for being married to Andy for almost 10 years! I’m thankful for beautiful relationships with family & friends.

I’m thankful to have a home, enough food to eat & clean water to drink. I’m thankful for my health & the health of my family. I’m thankful that my kids have good teachers & schools.

I’m thankful for Jesus who loves me unconditionally. He forgives me & loves me even though I’m flawed & make mistakes. He still sees the best in me & the potential of who I can become. He remains strong & steadfast when the things happening in the world feel scary & overwhelming. He is my strength when I become weary of getting up & taking care of myself & my kids & work & my home & all of the other obligations in life. When I feel the stress building, He takes it all from me & gives me what I need. I’m thankful that even though I can feel alone in the hard moments, He is always with me. I’m thankful that sometimes when I am afraid that I know that I have the one who created the world & the universe in my corner. I’m thankful that He is for me & not against me. I’m thankful that He has plans to prosper me & not to harm me. He has plans to give me hope & a future. I’m thankful that my worth & significance aren’t tied up in what I do or in what I can accomplish, but in the forgiveness & worth assigned to me by Jesus & His death on the cross. For me, Jesus is the answer. He is my greatest blessing & my greatest hope.

I’m thankful for you reading this & the ability to express what I’m thinking, feeling & learning as I write it all out.

Happy New Year to you & I hope that 2022 with be filled with hope, love, peace, adventure & joy for you!!!!

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