Radio Flyer Odyssey Stroller Wagon with Canopy and Bag
Have you heard of stroller wagons? They’re new to me, but SO amazing! My 6-year-old doesn’t love walking around, and my 3-year-old is still young enough that she can’t always sustain walking all day. I brought this stroller with us on our recent vacation to Florida. Disney World does not allow stroller wagons so I used a separate umbrella stroller when we were at Disney World. This stroller has a side that can zip up or you can leave the side open so it’s easy for the kids to jump on and offThis was really nice because my kids like to walk sometimes, but not all of the time. I also love that it can pulled like a normal wagon or pushed like a stroller. This allows for it to be used in different ways. The stroller wagon held one suitcase, the giant gate check bag with the carseats, a backpack and sweatshirts. This made it way easier to travel with kids. Once we were in Florida, we also used the wagon to carry our suitcases and groceries from the car to our room at the resort. I will admit that it is pretty big so it definitely feels like overkill sometimes when you’re just out for a walk. It was seriously the perfect choice for my particular kids so they had the versatility of walking when they wanted to and jumping back on the stroller, without needing my help to get on or off, when they needed a little break. It is easy to push or pull. It is also easy to fold before you board the airplane or when you need to put it in the car. It is a little bit heavier to hoist up into the car, but I can still handle it myself. I didn’t really need to use the straps since my kids are old enough to not really need that so I can’t speak for how it would go with younger kids, but the straps look sturdy if you wanted to strap them in for extra safety. 

Radio Flyer Odyssey Stroller Wagon

Summer Infant 3Dmini Convenience Stroller, Blue/Black 
This stroller is lightweight with a nice, compact fold. It also has a canopy with a pop out sun visor, multi-position recline, a storage basket, and a storage pocket with two cup holders. It has great reviews and it comes in at a reasonable price of $49.99. I love that it still has cup holders and a storage basket that many umbrella strollers don’t have. Plus, the multi-position recline can be very helpful for still getting those naps in while you’re on the go. Perfect for when you want a simple, inexpensive stroller that is light and compact, but still has all of the features that you are used to with bigger, more expensive strollers. 

Summer Infant 3Dmini

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller
This will probably forever be my very favorite stroller because BOB strollers are THE BEST!!! This was my #1 request that I gave before my baby shower, and some family members went in on it together to buy this for me. It’s my favorite baby gift that I got and what I would always recommend to everyone. This stroller has amazing wheels that can deal with sand, snow, dirt, off-roading, etc. Lightweight strollers are great for travel, but you want this BOB stroller as your main, everyday stroller. You can just use one hand to push it which is really great. My husband has used this stroller to go jogging with the kids, but I love it for all of the terrains that it can handle. It’s very sturdy and well made and worth the price tag. The storage space in this stroller is AMAZING! It’s compatible with most carseats with a carseat attachment that is sold separately. I used Chicco carseat and it worked great with this BOB. They also have a double stroller, but it is a bit too wide for me so I never could get myself to buy it. I have heard people talk about liking the double stroller version of this, but that it can be difficult to get through doors. 

BOB Fear Revolution Flex 3.0

Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller, Iron
This is the stroller that I used for the last few years when we would be going for a longer walk with both kids. The stroller wagon is a better fit for us now, but when my son was 4-years-old and 5-years-old this Bravo for2 stroller was perfect! My son loved having the option of standing up or sitting down on the stroller. It wasn’t until he turned 6 that I really felt like he was invading my space too much when we used this stroller. When he sat down, his legs were too close to mine. When he stood up, it was hard to see over him to where we were going. When you’re kids are younger, though, this stroller is amazing and very compact while still being a double stroller. Again, it’s pretty easy for the older child to get on or off by themselves. There is also an option for the older child to use straps for added security. The stroller is also compatible with Chicco carseats for younger babies if you want to use the carseat with the stroller. This is very versatile and I really appreciated the versatility while being not as big and wide as many double strollers. It’s pretty light and easy to fold. It is not as easy to push as the BOB stroller or the stroller wagon when two kids are on it, but it’s not too bad. 

Chicco Bravo For2

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base
I’m just including this car seat and base link because I mentioned this several times. I really like this car seat system. The base makes it so nice so you don’t have to buckle the carseat in every time you put it in the car. You just set the carseat down in the base until it clicks and then you are on your way! Way easier. It is also compatible with the Bravo For2 stroller I mentioned above and the BOB stroller mentioned above with a carseat adapter that is sold separately. This is a great carseat with great safety ratings and reviews. I definitely liked it. 

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base

*If you buy anything through these Amazon links, I may get a small percentage back as an incentive. These are still my real opinions about products that I have used myself and am giving my honest opinion about.

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