Stocking stuffers that are on sale and kids will love!

Writing tablet with cool neon look
This is very versatile since it’s small so you can travel with it and you can erase the screen with a push of a button and draw/write something else. Cool neon writing makes it colorful and fun for a variety of ages.

Flying Ball Hover Boomerang Orb
This stocking stuffer will definitely wow everyone! It flies through the air and also has a cool boomerang feature where it where you throw it and it comes back to you. It’s one of the coolest toys and will impress the kids!

Magnetic Tiles for Kids 3D Magnetic Building Tiles
These are consistently one of the toys that my kids use the most. It keeps them busy and holds their attention for awhile and they can use it to build so many different things. These are on sale so you can stock up!

Walkie Talkies
What kid doesn’t love walkie talkies? They are so fun and kids get so creative with them! This will always be a kid-favorite gift in my opinion!!!

Washable hair chalk to temporarily add color to hair
Cool hair chalk that isn’t messy but can add color to your hair for up to 3-4 days. Easily washes out of hair when you’re ready to change it or go back to your natural hair color. This is fun and could also be used for spirit week at schools or for Halloween or just for fun!

Squishville by Original Squishmallows Sweet Tooth Squad Plush Toys
Kids are obsessed with the Squishmallows because they are adorable but also SO SOFT and perfectly SQUISHY! They come in so many different sizes. This 6-pack is adorable and small so it makes it easy for them to bring along anywhere!

Stretchy Noodles sensory toy
A great sensory toy for when kids have to wait or sit for awhile. Great for airplanes or car rides or even just throwing in a backpack for the bus ride to school. My kids love these!

YETI Rambler JR. 12 oz Kids Water Bottle
This is one of the best water bottles that you can find for kids! It keeps the water cold ALL DAY LONG and is DISHWASHER SAFE, stainless steel, shatter resistant and ultra-leak resistant to be strong enough to make it through a day with a kid!

Rainbow Sparkle Metallic Watercolor Gels Markers/Pens
Kids love a little sparkle and they love to create art so this one is a no brainer! Very unique and fun!

Rainbow Loom MEGA Combo Set for making bracelets
The bracelets are really popular with kids and are fun to learn how to make and make for friends or family. Also, a great screen-free activity that can keep them busy for awhile!

Melissa & Doug Water Wow! 3-Pack
These are actually really fun and basically MESS FREE aside from a possible water mess. These are amazing for airplanes and car rides and my kids love them!

Bubble Machine
Who doesn’t enjoy stuff fun bubbles? This bubble machine will mesmerize your toddler for awhile! Very fun at parties and for outside fun!

Kids LED Gloves Finger Light Up Gloves
Because why not? Light up things are normally fun and gloves are no different! Lots of fun and can help with safety and visibility if the kids are playing outside in the dark.

Outdoor Exploration Adventure Set
This set is cool and includes binoculars, a magnifying glass, a flashlight, a whistle, a compass and a backpack to keep it all in. Kids will love this!

Echo Dot for Kids
These Echo Dots for kids are awesome because they come with parental controls that can be easily adjusted for what kind of activities or time restrictions that you want to put on it. It also comes with a free year of Amazon Kids+, a digital subscription that’s kid-friendly. Kids can listen to Audible books, play interactive games, and educational Alexa skills, listen to age-appropriate music and more! After 1 year, your subscription will automatically renew every month starting at just $4.99/month plus applicable tax.

Dinosaur Toys with Activity Mat
I got this set for my son when he was going through the dinosaur phase and it’s really cool! Affordable while the dinosaurs still look realistic and has the activity mat that helps to keep them engaged in play! Definitely recommend!

Hoot Owl Hoot Game
This game is so cute and is great for kids in preschool or elementary school and helps kids to learn how to work together! We have this game and it’s fun!

Cute doctor kit
Kids love playing doctor and check up! These is a cute doctor kit that is on sale!

Dress up set
Adorable dress up set that is on sale! My daughter loves all of her dress up stuff!

Superhero Cape Set
Great set that will sure to inspire the kids in your life to find their inner superhero!!!

Kids Karaoke Microphone Toy
This is definitely a fun toy! My kids love singing along to their favorite songs. It is definitely loud so make sure you’re ok with introducing the noise, but it definitely is fun!

PlayDoh 10-Pack
A classic that is always fun. My kids always seem to use up all of the PlayDoh so they love when I give them a fresh supply!

NERF Vortex Ultra Grip Football
This is a classic that we have seriously used a ton. It’s fun for throwing around in the yard or we have used it a lot at the beach. It’s a great activity for adults and kids to do together!

Fidget Pop It Ball
Again, these fidget toys are great for the airplane or car rides or bringing along to something that maybe includes waiting for a bit. It has the pop feature along with the feel of a stress ball.

*If you buy anything through these Amazon links, I may get a small percentage back as an incentive. These are still my real opinions about products that I have used myself and am giving my honest opinion about.

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