We’re fostering an adorable puppy!

Our foster puppy!

We’re fostering an adorable puppy right now! This is the first time that I’ve ever fostered a dog. We’re trying this out to see if having a dog is a good fit for our family right now and fits in with our life so the dog is happy too. This is Maxine. We call her “Maxie” for short. She is sweet and loves people and really the only thing tricky about her right now is figuring out potty training and making sure she doesn’t bite. Even her biting isn’t very hard though. She is hilarious at night right before bed. She gets extremely hyper and loves to run around and pounce on her toys when we throw them for her.

I have been going back and forth about how I feel about adding extra responsibility in my life right now with two little kids who already want my attention basically all of the time.

But..I mean…she’s a pretty adorable and sweet and fun little pup!

Tell me your thoughts and advice! How have you found balance with kids, work and a puppy/dog?

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  1. It’s wonderful to hear about your experience fostering Maxie and how she has brought joy and laughter to your family. Balancing responsibilities can be challenging, especially with young children, but having a dog can also be a rewarding experience for them. It might help to establish a routine that includes dedicated time for both the children and the puppy, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met and creating a harmonious environment for all.

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