Ways to recycle or donate Halloween candy and wrappers

Did you know that candy wrappers are actually recyclable? You just have to find the right places to bring them. Here are some great options:

Recycling options:
1. Ridwell: I’m a little obsessed with this right now. It’s a box that you keep at your house that allows you to recycle all of the the things that you normally have to throw away. They come and pick up the items in your box every other week and they make sure those items are sent to companies who can reuse them to create something new instead of ending up in the landfill. You can even put candy wrappers in the bin and they make sure that the wrappers have another use! Right now you can also donate unused candy with Ridwell as well! Click HERE for a chance to get a free month of Ridwell!

2. Terracycle: You can order a Zero Waste Box that you fill up and send back when it’s full. They send the box to companies who can reuse the contents to make them into something new! Click HERE to link to the Terracycle website.

Donating candy options:
You can donate your unused candy to your local Goodwill and their cause called Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops. They either deliver the candy to local military or ship them to military in other areas. Click HERE to see where you can drop off the candy.

Check out some other places to donate candy:
Operation Gratitude

Operation Shoebox

Ronald McDonald House Charities: Check with your local chapter to see if they’re accepting donations.

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